COVID-19 quarantine home training

COVID-19 quarantine home training

To keep in mind

This is an interesting time. We are limited, without the possibility of doing what we like. Locked up at home, unable to go out, unable to go to the gym, run, swim, or play a sport that we are passionate about. For the first time, we don’t know what to do. I think it is time to reflect and learn to be creative with our time. Yes, it is not easy to be in this situation, and this is coming from one who is extremely active. But, we have to adapt to the situation, and there are two ways. The first would be to complain, be bitter and sit around doing nothing. The other would be to be positive, look ahead and take advantage of time at home to do things that we haven’t had the time do before. Even training, I know many will say, how can I continue to advance in my training if I can’t go to the gym? Well, just by telling them that you have the most important tool, your body. Volume, frequency, and intensity can be modified in many ways, and for that I am doing these little routines to be able to do at home without much equipment.


You will see that there are different routines put together. I want to highlight that they can be done only with body weight or with the help of some bands, dumbells, or any other object that they use to add external load.

3 days “Full Body” (body weight)

4 days upper / lower (body weight / dumbbells / bars / garters / TRX)

I understand that some exercises have to be modified by you, since not all of us have the same equipment at home. You also have to understand that it will not be 4-6 weeks of high volume or progress in load and intensity, however, you can work to keep current physical traits and improve in some other aspects.

If the number of repetitions is not enough for you, you can slow down how you execute the exercise, or if you can go up to 2-3 repetitions before the technical / physical failure. (RIR)


3 Days

«Full Body»

(Body weight)

4 Days

Upper / Lower

(Body Weight / Dumbbells / Bars / TRX / Bands)

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