Everything is connected

Everything is connected

When you suffer an injury it is important to see more than just the painful area. What do I mean by this? That the cause of that pain may come from another area. For example, if someone suffers from a patellar tendinopathy, the pain occurs in the knee, but very likely that injury occurs due to deficiencies in other structures such as the foot and hip.

Pain must be treated in a globalized way and not only specifically. This means that it is important to focus on other physiological aspects that are affected by life habits.


Todo está conectadoI am not a nutritionist so I will not speak specifically on this topic. What I want to highlight is that pain can be increased if the person’s nutrition is poor. What we eat can be a great help to recover from an injury, or it can become a factor against it. To improve this, I recommend contacting a nutrition professional, who can guide you specifically on how to eat well. In nutrition, it is worth highlighting the importance of hydration, not retaining water or simply being dehydrated, can be a factor that increases pain.


One of the important aspects to train is breathing. Our body needs oxygen to be able to perform different physiological needs. When it comes to pain, the person who does not know how to breathe well can affect the pain in a negative way. Yes! It seems a little crazy, but we must remember that everything is connected, there is no system in our body that works individually. With my experience I have seen that, if breathing is improved, we can reduce stress and at the same time strengthen tissues that are weak, which are necessary to give stability to the body.


In life there are going to be different moments that will fill us with stress, and when you suffer an injury or some pain, being in a negative psychological aspect will make things worse. No matter how good the method used to guide the injured person to recover is, if the stress is not well managed it will not improve. Attitude, anxiety, the context of feeling fear or doubts are aspects that must be taken into account. For example, if a person predisposes himself that a meal will be bad for him/her, it is very likely that it will, because mentally the person prepared itself in a negative way. The same happens with pain, negativism must be changed for a positive mindset. There is already an internal stress due to the pain that one suffers, one must seek to put the body in a calm environment in order to recover from that situation.


Let’s enter the realm where I have more knowledge. I like to use a saying that goes as «movement is king.» It means that our body was made to move, and movement will lead it us to a pain free life. There is NO organism that will heal or recover from any problem by doing nothing and expecting it to heal on its own. Unfortunately, it is a message that is given a lot in the world of medicine. It seems useful to have people misinformed about how things work. I understand that injuries and pain can be complex, but I know that movement is a great factor in recovering. There is a time to rest and be calm, but that comes after moving.

Returning to the subject of tendinopathy, a tendon does not recover by resting it and letting that pain disappear. NO! A tendon was made to receive and simulate loads. Sure, the mishandled load was the one that led that tendon to injury, but the load itself will be responsible for its recovery. It is where the biomechanics of the human being becomes important.

So it is ironic that we continue to live in a world where we think that a pill, vaccine, syrup, or surgery is the solution to pain. Do not you realize that it has a lot to do with our life habits? If we are sedentary, we eat badly, we have trouble breathing, we continue in a stressed environment, and then pain occurs, do you really believe that a fucking pill is the solution to the problem?

The reality is that we have the answer straight on, and it is much cheaper. When it comes to movement, it is best to find someone to guide you, for that there are movement professionals.

So let’s move, biologically our body was created for that. Not for a sedentary lifestyle, which is one of the major factors for cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, reproductive problems, and much more. So why is it so hard for people to understand this? Because call it what you want, exercises, routines, «WOD», or just movement, MOVEMENT IS THE KING, it is what will get you out of pain, and it is more than just losing weight or gaining muscle. It is what our body was made to do.

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