Isometric training

Isometric training

When it comes to programming there many different ways to do things, but there is one thing, especially in rehab, that I program a lot. That would be isometric training.

There are many benefits that can be gained from these exercises. From improving neuromuscular activation, to improving tendon health and stiffness, can help with strengthening muscles at a certain range, easy and pretty much safe to add volume, etc.

I share here 8 points collected by Oranchuck et al. in Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports (2018), that show what isometrics can help do and also not do. I recommend to use this tool in your training or rehab.

Isometric training and long-term adaptations

  1. The physiological adaptations induced by this training method such as increased muscle mass and improved tendon qualities are beneficial in a variety of contexts.
  2. Isometric training should occur predominantly at relatively long muscle lengths as there is a clear advantage for improving muscle volumes, and strength throughout a range of motion.
  3. Large increases in tendon stiffness following long muscle lengths have been reported, which would likely reduce electromechanical delay and therefore improve explosivity.
  4. Isometric resistance training, regardless of muscle length, appears unlikely to efficiently lengthen muscle fascicles.
  5. Increasing contraction durations, increasing total volume, or shifting to longer muscle lengths are likely more efficient means of pregressing isometric resistance treining if strength and muscle size are a priority.
  6. Conversely, high-intensity (≥ 70% of maximal voluntary isometric contraction) isometric contraction exclusively produced increased tendon thickness and stiffness.
  7. Progressively increasing intensity during isometric contractions may be a safe and efficient means of preparing tendinous tissue for future dynamic loading.
  8. Sports requiring a high degree of reactive strength require relatively stiff tendinous structures to optimize preformance.

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